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Controllers Changing Role in Today’s Environment

Controllers Changing Role in Today's Environment

  Duration: 75 Minutes

Faculty: Carl Young      Level: All      Course ID: 1145


This webinar looks at the changing role of controllers in the current turbulent business world. It bends the arch away from accounting recording and reporting of the past and looks to the future and the creating of relationships, strategic partnerships and effective leadership.

The major focus will be on the qualities of an effective controller:

  • Analysis of information
  • Ability to communicate
  • Company & industry knowledge
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to provide cost effective services
  • Technical knowledge
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Customer focus
  • Control of costs & cash

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Controller’s expanded role in turbulent times
  • Leadership tools & techniques
  • How to become a trusted partner and an un-trusting official at the same time
  • How to obsessively focus on customers, cost and cash as key success factors
  • How to manage and control the cash to cash cycle
  • How to run the company with, and not by the numbers
  • How to provide preferred financial information
  • Key ratios and trends
  • Use of rolling forecasts vs. traditional budgeting
  • Essential elements of internal controls

Why Should you Attend:

The turbulent ever changing technology driven world of business requires changing and evolving roles for controllers. The focus is currently more on the soft side of business, rather than accounting and reporting. It is more about people pleasing, than pencil pushing. Studies have shown that controllers who want to rise in the ranks to CFO must learn to put down their pencils and master the soft skills. Controllers must become Strategic Partners, Value Adding Decision Makers, Providers of Solutions and Managers of Change Interpretation of financial information, new trends like rolling forecasts, data security, diverse roles of controllers. It is more a matter of running the company with the numbers, rather than by the numbers.

Areas Covered:

  • Diverse Roles of Corporate Controllers
  • Characteristics of Controller vs. CFO vs. Treasurer
  • Core Roles & Responsibilities: Build Your Organization Plan & Promote It
  • Core Competencies of Successful Controller: What brought you here won’t keep you here
  • Communications Tools
  • Strategic Partnering vs. Controlling
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Dealing with Auditors

Who will Benefit:

  • Controllers
  • Assistant Controllers
  • Accounting & Finance Managers/Supervisors
  • Assistant Controllers
  • Any Financial or Accounting Professional seeking to become Controllers
  • Any Financial professional seeking to understand the changing role of Controllers in chaotic times
  • Any Non-Financial professionals seeking to understand the changing role of Controllers in changing and chaotic times

Topic Background:

Our current business environment is chaotic and constantly changing due mainly to technology and other prevailing forces. Controllers are often too heavily focused on “numbers” and running the company by the numbers rather than with the numbers. Those seeking to become effective Controllers must move away from “pencil pushing” and focus more on relationships and “people pleasing”. This session focuses on the soft side of business and how Controllers can become effective as strategic partners rather than mere super accountants as many do that are elevated to Controller positions from lesser finance or accounting positions. Role of Controller is changing due to the ever changing and turbulent business environment. Controllers must assume an ever changing role in the success of Companies. They must realize that what got them to the position will not keep them there in a successful manner.


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