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The Problem of Bacterial Spores and Sporicidal Disinfection

The Problem of Bacterial Spores and Sporicidal Disinfection

Duration: 60 Minutes

Faculty: Tim Sandle      Level: All Level      Course Id: 1035


There have been a number of pharmaceutical and healthcare product recalls associated with bacterial contamination, and a number of these are associated with spore forming organisms. In addition, there have been some reported cases of patient illness, especially in relation to aseptically produced medicines. Investigations have shown that poor contamination control has led to spores being prevalent in the production environment. Improved contamination control strategies are required to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Why should you Attend:

Incidents of bacterial spore contamination of medicinal products are increasing. Regulators are concerned about the link between product recalls and the process environment. Pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities need to have a robust bio-contamination control program in place. This webinar outlines the origins and risks of spores, strategies to reduce incidents, and the selection and incorporation of sporicidal agents into the contamination control program.

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • Understanding of bacterial spore risks
  • Understanding of how bacterial spores survive
  • Understanding of the risk factors that can introduce spores into the cleanroom
  • Understanding of disinfection
  • Understanding of the difference between standard disinfectants and sporicides
  • How sporicides kill spores
  • The importance of a holistic contamination control program

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Introduction to bacterial spores and the spore lifecycle
  • Sources of spores in cleanrooms
  • Control strategies to minimize spores
  • Introduction to disinfectants, and How disinfectants work
  • The process for selecting sporicidal agents
  • Qualifying sporicides
  • Incorporating sporicides into the contamination control program

Who Will Benefit:

  • Production managers
  • Microbiologists
  • Quality Assurance
  • Production staff
  • Maintenance / engineer staff
  • Medical staff
  • Pharmaceuticals – sterile and non-sterile
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Academia

Faculty Profile:

Dr. Tim Sandle has over twenty-five years experience of microbiological research and biopharmaceutical processing. He is Head of Microbiology at Bio Products Laboratory (U.K.) and a visiting tutor with The University of Manchester School of Pharmacy. Dr. Sandle serves on several national and international committees relating to pharmaceutical microbiology and cleanroom contamination control.


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Dr. Tim Sandle
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