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COVID-19: Working From Home Confidently and Competently for Business Continuity

COVID-19: Working From Home Confidently and Competently
for Business Continuity

      Duration: 90 Minutes

Faculty: Rebecca Staton-Reinstein      Level: All Level      Course Id: 1062

People in many organizations have been working from home for years. However, with the current pandemic, many more workers are being asked to work from home. For those folks and those who supervise them, who are new to this mode of work, understanding how to accomplish goals in this new environment requires a quick learning curve. Working from home can be as productive or maybe more productive than traditionally going into the office. Learn the basics and some advanced approaches to get the job done in the most efficient and effective way.

Working From Home: Maximize Efficiency and Effectiveness provides you with detailed information on the physical requirements for setting up a home office to the emotional requirements of engaging with teammates to the practical ways people have figured out to organized personal and work life. There are many temptations to waste time when no one is looking over your shoulder. Developing self-discipline and accountability to your work team can become a struggle for some people. Supervising from afar brings its own challenges, whether the person is across town or on another continent. Family life can be disrupted or impacted. All these things require some tried-and-true strategies to navigate successfully.

Learning to focus on results rather than activity may be new for some. This approach will not only improve your ability to determine your progress or the progress of a team member, it will translate back into your work if or when you return to the office. In fact, if you are not already taking a strategic approach to planning your work, learning these skills to stay on track from home will translate back into the office environment for improved efficiency. This new way of accomplishing your work goals gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your procedures and conventional ways of doing your work. Team and individual meetings can also become more efficient by focusing on good meeting discipline which often disappears in the live setting. Consciously building in human contact is critical both to fight isolation and to encourage more effective teamwork when you return to the office.

Why should you Attend:

If you have rarely on never worked from home, the first days or even weeks can be disorienting. Social isolation for many is even worse than the lack of immediate access to teammates, supervisors, stakeholders, and non-human resources. Even in this digital age, making sure you have the right office equipment and supplies can be frustrating. If your job was not technology intensive in the office setting, suddenly having to deal with a balky printer, overloaded Internet connection, or novel app or software adds to the stress of functioning outside your comfort zone. This webinar will explore all these areas. The content is based on what we have learned over many years from working from home and building on the experience of tens of thousands of people worldwide who have been doing this for over a decade or more.

Learn how to set up your home office, avoid the predictable pitfalls, and maximize your results, while making the most of the unique setting. If you are managing people in this new environment, learn how to develop work plans and conduct review and evaluation sessions optimized for this situation. What you learn can be applied once you return to a more familiar environment. Turn the anti-teamwork situation into one which encourages engagement through virtual team building. Develop the strong sense of accountability any team needs to function through interactive virtual team sessions. Learn to thrive in the working-from-home world, not just survive until things return to “normal.” Discover and enjoy the benefits of working from home. Decide which elements you want to maintain.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • What it means to work remotely. What can you do, and what can you not do?
  • Rules and boundaries. What you need to consider before you tell people to work remotely (have you thought about rules for public places and meetings?)
  • Productivity traps. You can lose your time working remotely the same way you can be interrupted working in the office. What productivity traps do you need to watch out for and how to ensure you are getting done what needs to be done
  • Technology considerations. Not everything you can do at work can be done at home. Have you considered the security, access, and functionality of what you are asking your team to do?
  • Assess your strengths and challenges working from home
  • Understand how your personality preferences affect your strengths and challenges
  • Solve communication challenges working from home
  • Develop a plan to maximize strengths, minimize challenges
  • What are the common pitfalls, distractions, and stressors of working from home? Which ones need actions on your plan?
  • Guidelines for separating home and work life
  • Set up a productive home office
  • Apply your work style to setting up your “office”
    • What equipment and support will you need?
    • Logistics and reality check
  • Manage work strategically
    • Dump the To-Do list
    • Use a mission-driven plan
    • Focus on results not activity
    • Streamline procedures and processes
  • Optimize technology use
    • Effective virtual meetings
    • Eliminate bad meeting habits
    • Focus on results and action
  • Avoid work-from-home temptations and traps
    • Create your own “office rules”
    • The dangerous lure of multi-tasking
  • Develop accountability with teammates or team you manage
    • Approaches to improve accountability
    • Develop team accountability rules
    • Assess team accountability and other key team functions
  • Create your full transition and mission driven work plan
    • Evaluate progress against plan
    • Continue to improve
    • Include personal interactions and communication
  • Enjoy working from home
    • Identify benefits
    • Apply benefits back in the office
    • Is the workplace forever changed?

Who Will Benefit:

  • CEOs / CFOs / COOs
  • Chief People Officers
  • HR Personnel developing work-from-home guidelines
  • All Executives
  • Hiring Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Engineering Managers and Engineers
  • Top & Senior Management
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Managers / Supervisors / Team Leaders
  • Payroll Professionals
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Directors and VPs
  • Employees
  • Anyone working from home for the first time
  • Anyone with limited experience managing “distant” workforce

All Organizations, Public, Private and Non-Profit Sectors, asking employees to Work from Home.


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Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D. and president of Advantage Leadership, Inc., has been both an accidental, untrained Project Manager and a trained one.